Pocket C1

Pocket C1

Pocket C1

Portable DAB & FM Radio
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Stylish and versatile

The Pocket C1 has been designed to offer the perfect balance between portability and sound quality. It’s small enough to carry in your pocket, whilst also offering enough power for a few people to enjoy at the same time. Ideal for those who want a radio for the kitchen, study or bedroom which is portable enough to carry with you.

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Power it your way

The Pocket C1 is the most versatile radio you’ll ever find. Choose to power it from the mains, via an optional rechargeable battery (not-included) or use standard disposable batteries, so your radio is never without power.

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Future Ready

Designed with one eye on the future, DAB, DAB+ and FM are all included so you can rest assured you have a radio which covers all the bases to ensure you are never without the radio stations you love. Combine this with the high quality components and the outstanding build quality and the Pocket C1 is the only radio you’ll need.

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"Great little radio. Very small and compact which is just what i wanted. The sound is great for such a small thing and the battery life is as described"

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  • Crisp & Clear Display
  • Massive battery life
  • Stylish design
  • Simple to use
  • Choose between the speaker or earphone
  • Telescopic Aerial
  • Azatom Airflow Technology


  • Auxiliary Cable (3.5mm Jack)
  • FM Radio
  • DAB Radio

What's in the box

User Manual

Warranty Card

Power Cable

Pocket C1 DAB Radio

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We recommend using the Factory Reset to restore your device to its original settings. The factory reset is within the menu of the unit and resets all software settings back to the original factory settings.

User Manual IconDownload User Manual - Need more help? Simply download the user manual for more detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions
In the menu of your Pocket C1 you can set the time and date manually or you can choose to have the time/date to automatically update from either FM, Dab or Both – each time the radio receives a signal from a compatible radio station it will automatically update the time and date information.
Long press the Preset button to enter “Preset Store”. Use the ‘forward’ and ‘back’ buttons to choose a number for the preset and press Select to store.
Short press the Preset button to enter “Preset Recall”. Use the ‘forward’ and ‘back’ buttons to choose which preset you would like and press Select to recall it.
Yes, you can choose to use a rechargeable battery (not included) or regular disposable batteries.