Stealth Bar AZHD1

Stealth Bar AZHD1

Stealth Bar AZHD1

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360 Stealth Bar AZHD1 Stealth Bar AZHD1 Stealth Bar AZHD1 Stealth Bar AZHD1 Stealth Bar AZHD1 Stealth Bar AZHD1 Stealth Bar AZHD1 Stealth Bar AZHD1 Stealth Bar AZHD1 Stealth Bar AZHD1 Stealth Bar AZHD1 Stealth Bar AZHD1 Stealth Bar AZHD1 Stealth Bar AZHD1
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No compromises

Our goal when designing the Stealth Bar was to create a soundbar without any compromises.

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Crystal clear dialogue

We know that modern TV’s look better than they sound. One of the main issues is unclear voices and dialogue. We’ve fixed this. With the Stealth Bar every part of the dialogue down to the quietest whispers has been elevated so it sounds as though the speech is in the room with you – ensuring you will never miss anything.

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Cinema night. At home

The latest Dolby Digital delivers amazing effects to your films and games. The speaker configuration ensures the surround effect delivers a real home cinema experience. Sounds move across the room just as they do on the screen so you feel immersed into the action.

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We’ve done the hard work so you can relax

The Stealth Bar is simple to set up and operate. It works with virtually any TV from the oldest to the very latest models, including 4K and 3D TV’s. A vast selection of connections includes three HDMI inputs (including 1 HDMI ARC), an Optical input and a 3.5mm input ensure you can connect all your devices. There is also Bluetooth and AirPlay for wireless connections. Connecting through HDMI ARC even lets you use your TV remote to control the Bar.

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Power to spare

The Azatom Stealth Bar contains two passive subwoofers for great low frequency performance but there is also an option to add the Stealth Subwoofer to add even more bass. Setup takes less than a minute and the Bar and Sub are connected wirelessly. The Stealth Subwoofer is also automatically controlled by the Bar so it can be hidden away and never touched.

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Flexible positioning

With the Stealth Bar you can choose to place it on its non-slip pads or mount it using the included brackets. The flexibility ensures it fits in any home setup.

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Fill your home with music

The Azatom® Mutiroom APP allows you to see the Stealth Bar as part of a home music multiroom system. The Stealth Multiroom series includes the Stealth Bar, the Stealth Bar Subwoofer and the Stealth-Air 2B. You can choose play different music in different rooms or the same music across the home.

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“Could not believe the sound quality. It’s absolutely the business and simple set up. Definitely recommend this sound bar!”

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  • Speaker Dimensions | 820 x 127 x 92mm
  • Weight | 3kg
  • Power | 150W (120W RMS)


  • Bluetooth
  • True Wireless Connection to the StealthBar Sub-woofer
  • Stylish design
  • Easy connection to any TV
  • Dolby Digital inside
  • Lie flat or hang up
  • Aux Input
  • AirPlay for streaming your music
  • Spotify Connect
  • Azatom Airflow Technology
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and amplification


  • Bluetooth
  • Auxiliary Cable (3.5mm Jack)
  • Airplay
  • Spotify Connect
  • WiFi
  • HDMI
  • Optical Audio
  • RCA

What's in the box

User Manual

Warranty Card

Remote Control

Power Cable

Wall Mount Kit

RCA Cable

StealthBar Soundbar

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The Stealth Bar is compatible with virtually any TV. It has HDMi inputs –including ARC – as well as an Optical input and a 3.5mm Analogue Aux-input. It is compatible with all TV’s including 3D, 4K, HD and Ultra HD TV’s.
The easiest way to connect your speaker to the WiFi is to use an iOS device. Put the Stealth Bar into Airplay Mode, either by pressing Airplay on the remote or pressing the Mode button on the unit itself until the Airplay light is selected. Now on the iOS device, enter “Settings” and then “WiFi” and at the bottom there should be a section titled “Set up a New Airplay Speaker”. Follow the instructions on the iOS device until you have joined your Stealth Bar to WiFi.
Firstly, please ensure the unit is in Airplay Mode. If so, we recommend that you switch the speaker off and wait 10 seconds before turning the unit on again. Each time the speaker is switched on it should look for the WiFi network and connect automatically.

User Manual IconDownload User Manual - Need more help? Simply download the user manual for more detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions
You can add the optional Stealth Subwoofer to add even more power to your system for a full home cinema effect. For use from your TV, the Subwoofer is the only speaker you can add and it is not possible to connect additional Stealth-Airs (or any other speakers). However, for streaming music through Airplay, it is possible to add upto 5 more speakers (Stealth Bars and Stealth-Air’s) to stream via Airplay using the Azatom Multiroom APP.
Yes, the Stealth Bar can either be positioned on its feet or hung on a wall (the necessary screws are included).
Please check the Stealth Bar is in the correct mode and that the cables are connected securely. Please also check that the TV is outputting audio to the Bar – to check this, please refer to the TV User Manual or customer support.

When you first connect the Stealth to the mains AC~ Socket, it will be in Standby.

Press the SOURCE button on the main unit or the AUX/BT, OPT/ARC, HDMI 1/2, AIRPLAY buttons on the remote control to select the desired mode

  • When AUX mode is selected, the AUX/BT Indicator will light up Green
  • When BT (Bluetooth) mode is selected, the AUX/BT Indicator will light up Blue
  • When OPT mode is selected, the OPT/ARC Indicator will light up Green
  • When ARC mode is selected, the OPT/ARC Indicator will light up Blue
  • When HDMI 1 mode is selected, the HDMI 1 / HDMI 2 Indicator will light up Green
  • When HDMI 2 mode is selected, the HDMI 1 / HDMI 2 Indicator will light up Blue
  • When AIRPLAY mode is selected, the AIRPLAY Indicator will light up Blue