Woodlands WD1 DAB Radio

Woodlands WD1 DAB Radio

Woodlands WD1 DAB Radio

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Woodlands WD1

Woodlands WD1

Quality like no other

The Woodlands WD1 has been crafted using the finest materials and internal components available. This is something really special and one of our most premium DAB Radios to date.

The built-in battery with a massive 1800mAh capacity lets you take your Woodlands WD1 anywhere, anytime. For hours of Azatom's Sonic Signature sound reproduced through a high grade custom tuned speaker driver and passive rear subwoofer.

Woodlands WD1
Woodlands WD1
Woodlands WD1

We've listened and we've delivered

Using feedback from our Blackfriars and Spitalfields DAB Radios we've combined the all of what made you fall in love with those radios to make something truly stunning.

The solid wooden cabinet anchors the Woodlands WD1 in its place, providing a solid body for our Sonic Signature sound to reverberate through adding warmth and a premium feel to the sound.

Woodlands WD1

We've added BT Wireless Audio, USB Playback and Charging as well as keeping and enhancing all the features you know and love like the EQ controls and Micro SD card reader.

Our EQ controls powered by the AZATOM DSP Chipset really let you choose the sound you want with Normal - For a flat EQ perfect for your everyday music, radio and audio, Rock - For when you need more of a kick to your sound and an added punch in your Mids and Highs, Pop - For tunes that push the bass and synths all at once, Jazz - Smooth and silky for a more refined sound, Classic - For tracks that use strings and brass that you want to highlight and accent and finally Bass - For that added boost to the bass using the rear subwoofer.

Woodlands WD1
Woodlands WD1
Woodlands WD1

One Model, Two Stunning looks

Our newly developed Golden Oak and Grey Ash finishes really stand the test of time with durability and classic design and style.

A textured Golden Oak or Grey Ash finish cloaks each of our Woodlands WD1 DAB radios. Surrounding every inch of the solid wood cabinet in a visual signature of quality and durability.



  • Speaker Dimensions | 120 x 80 x 168mm
  • Weight | 1Kg
  • Power | 18W (3W RMS)
  • Battery Capacity | 1800mAh


  • DAB & DAB+ approved digital radio
  • HD Sound with indipendent subwoofer
  • Portable Digital radio with high capacity battery
  • Remote Control
  • 18W Max Power Output
  • EQ Controls with Treble and Bass
  • Auto Time & Date Setup
  • Leather Carry Handle
  • Upto 4 Alarms
  • Sleep Timer
  • Milti-level display brightness
  • Snooze Control
  • Aux in Audio
  • Micro SD and USB media playback support
  • BT Wireless Audio


  • DAB & DAB+ Radio
  • FM Radio
  • Auxiliary Cable (3.5mm Jack) for audio IN
  • Micro SD Card
  • USB
  • BT Wireless Audio

What's in the box

User Manual

Warranty Card

Power Cable

Remote Control

3.5mm Aux Cable

Woodlands WD1 DAB Radio

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Please use these steps to Store your Presets:

  1. Please tune into the station you wish to select
  2. Press and hold the "SLEEP/PRESET" button on the Woodlands DAB Radio
  3. The screen will diaply "PRESET 1 EMPTY"
  4. Using the "Skip -/+" buttons please select the desired empty preset slot
  5. To confrim press the "ENTER/SNOOZE" button and this will save the preset to the previously selected empty slot

The next steps are the process to Recall stored a preset on your Woodlands:

  1. Press the "PRESET" button on your Woodlands Radio Remote Control
  2. For presets stroed on number below 10, please use the number buttons to select the preset - 0 to 9
  3. Press "Enter" after selecting your preset number (0 to 9) to tune to that station
  4. For presets stored on slots higher than 10, press the "PRESET" button followed by the "SHIFT" button - this increases the selection range by 10, for example to tune into preset station 23 - Press "PRESET" then "SHIFT" to display 20 and then press 3 to select 23, Once 23 is displayed press "ENTER" to tune into that station
  5. You can also use the arrows at the bottom of the remote to select a station rather than pressing a number, followed by "ENTER" to tune into the selected preset station


Short press the remote control’s MENU button or press and hold the MENU/INFO button on the Woodlands Radio to enter the main menu. Short press ENTER button three times to set time. Press SKIP- / SKIP+ to adjust the hours then press ENTER to move onto setting the minutes using SKIP- / SKIP+ to cycle up or down the minutes. Once the time is set correctly, press ENTER to save your settings.


Short press the remote control MENU button (or press the MENU/INFO button on the Woodlands Radio) to open the main menu, Then short press the ENTER button two times to enter the date and time settings, Select Time setup < Set clock >, Then press the SKIP+ button to show the Date setup option < Set date >, press ENTER button again and press SKIP-/SKIP+ button to set day-month-year (01-01-2019), Complete setting the date by pressing the ENTER button to save your date settings.

Insert Micro USB/TF card which is loaded with MP3 format music into the USB/TF card slot on the back panel of the Woodlands Radio, Short press the MODE button to select USB or SD source to play Short press ENTER to play/pause your music.

Short press remote control - / + volume or Press and hold SKIP- / SKIP+ on the Woodlands Radio to change the volume Short press SKIP - / SKIP + button for the previous or next song you can use the remote control umber pad to select a track. If you want to select the track number 300, to play track 300 press the buttons “3“, “0“ then “0“ pressing ENTER to confirm. Track 300 will then begin to play.

If you do not press ENTER button, The Woodlands Radio will automatically jump to track 300 after 4 seconds to begin playback.

To choose a play mode e.g. Random, Press and hold the PRESET button to cycle between (ALL) / single cycle (SING) / random loop (RAND).
Power on the Woodlands Radio and use the MODE button to select “BT“ from the source menu.

On your music playing device, open your BT Wireless Audio connections menu and search for nearby devices. When you see “WOODLANDS WX2” choose to pair to the Woodlands Radio. Once paired the Woodlands Radio will been after 10 seconds to confirm the connection.

Short press SKIP- / SKIP+ buttons to skip between tracks.

Short press the “ENTER” button to play or pause your music.

Press VOL - / + adjust the appropriate volume on the remote or press and hold the SKIP - / SKIP+ buttons on the Woodlands Radio to adjust the volume.

The Woodlands Radio can take hands-free calls when connected to your phone. The display will show current status: Waiting BT connection, Waiting for pairing, BT Wireless Audio is connected, incoming call or calling.

During a call press ENTER to end the call, If you’re receiving a call, press the “ENTER” button to answer the call, Press PRESET button to reject the call.

When BT Wireless Audio device is connected to the Woodlands Radio, Press and hold “ENTER” to disconnect the currently connected device and enter into the re-pairing mode, Press and hold “ENTER” button again to return to the current connected device.

User Manual IconDownload User Manual - Need more help? Simply download the user manual for more detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, the Woodlands WD1 includes a 1800mAh built right in. Recharge and go for hours of stunning audio in a stylish design.
Yes, the Woodlands WD1 comes with a feature rich remote control including controls for modes, volume, preset/track number and alarms.
As long as your USB charger plug matches the required 5.0V, 2.0A power output you'll be able to use other charing cables and adapters.
Not at all, you can fold it away when not needs, in this case while using Auc, Micro SD and USB playback.