Get to know us

At its heart Azatom® is a technology driven company striving to create the best product for our customers and more. We specialise in innovative speaker systems, digital and analogue radios and high-end partner products for the latest iOS and Android market products.

We have a clear focus on improving sound performance for our digital range. Azatom® has proprietary technology in the areas of DSP (Digital Sound Processing) unique to our designs, Airflow and Shape design which we combine with our DSP division to make some of the most exciting systems on the market.

We’re constantly evolving our designs and incorporating the very latest innovations in technology to stay at the forefront of digital sound. Mobile devices have become the media hubs for many people’s lives and Azatom® products deliver the technology and sound quality to give people greater freedom and enjoyment from their ever evolving devices.

We are an expansive technology firm with a clear focus on research and development. Our Headquarters based in NETpark, a Technology cluster here in the UK. Here we develop, iterate and evolve every day. Developing patents and carrying out studio sound testing to undertake all aspects of the design of new products. We have over 25 years of expertise to take new technologies and innovations from ideas through to class-leading products we’re leading the way for UK consumers.

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Technology put through its paces

We use the latest software and equipment to tune our speakers and use studio space to create the best sounding systems at their respective prices: Our compact speaker systems produce the sound of larger, more expensive units. Whilst our larger speaker systems are competitive with units costing many times their price.

We’re always discovering new ways to make our products better and optimising their software to excel at what they do. What’s why we take end-user feedback and implement it with our designs to create a steady flow of updates and reliable software solutions for our products.

Unlike many other companies, we are able to produce superior sound quality through using our own DSP (Digital Sound Processing) microchips, which we have evolved and ‘tuned’ with extensive studio testing. The Azatom® DSP chipset lies at the heart of many of our products. Our DSP chips are constantly being developed and tested to ensure the highest sound performance and reliability for extended use. The Azatom® DSP chip is also tuned to ensure increased Bass performance without the artificial ‘added bass’ which is common with other systems that use stock OEM technology. We match our DSP chip with the very best drivers, cones and tweeters to ensure a smooth, rich sound for the complete system. Our Airflow technology works in partnership with the DSP chip and speakers to create the high quality and expansive sounds of larger systems within smaller, portable speaker cabinets; whilst our larger systems are some of the most powerful in the market. Our focus is always to produce the best sounding speakers for playing music from digital devices.

We are passionate about the advances in sound technology and it is our aim to be recognized as one of the leading companies in our field by developing the most advanced technology and exceeding expectations with our products.

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Azatom® is part of Azatom Group Limited