Multiplex D1 Firmware Update

Multiplex D1

What you'll need:

Multiplex D1
Multiplex D1 (2016 or Higher)
A compatible Windows computer
A compatible Windows computer with a USB port
Micro USB Cable
Micro USB Cable

Disclaimer: Following the instructions provided incorrectly can result in your device becoming unresponsive and unusable. Using an older version of the firmware can result in your device becoming unresponsive and unusable. Using the incorrect firmware version for this device can result in your device becoming unresponsive and unusable.

If any incorrect procedure / firmware / firmware version is found to have been applied to the device, you could be subject to a repair charge if the device becomes unresponsive and unusable.

By continuing you agree it is at your own risk.

Now we'll walk though the process of updating the firmware on the device. Please follow each step carefully as doing this process incorrectly (skipping steps, using incorrect firmware etc.) could render your device unusable.

Click STEP 1 to begin:

  1. While powered off (or if the Multiplex D1 is already in "F/W Update" mode please skip this step) Plug the Multiplex D1 into the your computer via a Micro USB cable
  2. Before powering on the unit press and hold the "MENU/INFO" and "ENTER/SNOOZE" buttons
  3. While still pressing the "MENU/INFO" and "ENTER/SNOOZE" buttons, press the Power button untill the screen displays it is in Fimrware Update Mode - "F/W UPDATE MODE"
  4. Leave the Multiplex D1 powered on in this mode while you proceed onto step three

Open a new window on our computer and navigate to your downloads folder

(or where ever you have saved the firmware file named "D1_2017011602.rel")

Usually downloaded files automatically go to your "Downloads" folder.

Copy the Firmware to the device Copy the selected firmware to the Multiplex D1 (It'll appear like a removable USB memory stick), you can do this one of two ways:

  1. Right click on the firmware file and choose "Copy" from the right click menu (or select the file and press "CTRL+C" on your keyboard), then navigating to the device in your Explorer window - opening the device and pasting the firmware device by right clicking inside of the device window, and choosing "Paste" from the right click menu (or by pressing "CTRL+V").
  2. Copy the Firmware to the device
  3. Dragging the firmware file from the folder is is currently sat in and placing it directly on top of the device to copy it directly into the device.
Now eject your Multiplex D1 (appears as a USB memory stick) - You can do this by right clicking the device in "My Computer" and choosing eject - Make sure to leave the Multiplex D1 connected to your Laptop or Desktop PC until it has finished updating and has fully rebooted.

Once your Multiplex D1 has fully rebooted it will display "Welcome to digital radio" on its screen and you are now ready to use your Multiplex D1 as normal, the Firmware Update has been applied correctly.

Click here to download firmware
Multiplex D1 Firmware Update (2016 Onwards)

FW Update

If you are unable to follow the steps above or have enoutered any issue with the firmware update process please call us on:
+44 (0) 1740 629 901 or email us at for additional support with your product.