Studio UHD2 Soundbar

Studio UHD2 Soundbar

Studio UHD2 Soundbar

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Studio UDH2 Soundbar

Home Entertainment at its finest

The Studio UHD2 is the ideal extension to your TV audio experience. We've developed our soundbar to enhance your TV's audio far beyond what your TV built in speakers could ever deliver. It has been expertly tuned by our team of audio professionals after meticulous R&D to deliver incredible sounding Music, TV and Movie modes - All powered by our Signature Sound DSP Technology.

With HDMI ARC You'll be able to control your Studio UHD2 Soundbar as if it was your TV's own speakers. No fuss and array of extra remotes needed, just plug and play. Our included Pro-Grade Optical Audio cable lets you get the best sound out of your devices right out of the box. Optional, RCA and Line-In additional connections give even more flexibility to your Studio Soundbar that you'll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Studio UDH2 Soundbar

The Studio Soundbar has lots of options for connectivity: BT Wireless Audio - HDMI ARC - Optical Input - Aux in. Compatible with Flat screen TV's and the latest 4k UHD TV's.

Studio UDH2 Soundbar

Ideal for mobile Smartphone, Tablets or PC's using the BT Wireless Audio. Play music your device or streamed from services Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer.

Studio UDH2 Soundbar

180 watts - 4 Modes for Music, TV, Movies and our Default Signature Sound - AZATOM DSP - Azatom Driver Technology - The very latest drivers with ultra-high density magnets.

Wall Mounts as Standard

Want to mount your Studio? The Studio UHD 2 comes with wall mounts as standard it's light weight design lets the Studio UHD 2 mount on most surfaces without the need for extra support letting you keep your style with no compromises.

Studio UDH2 Soundbar

Using a combination of full range drivers and subwoofer to add an extra level of depth to your favorite movies and tracks. Our DSP and speaker driver technology will fill your entire room big or small with full, rich and crystal clear audio.

Signature DSP Sound

Choose from our 4 incredible sounding sound signatures for Music, TV, Movies or our default signature sound. All of this is made possible by our AZATOM DSP Technology powering the superb sound of our Studio UHD2 Soundbar

Studio UDH2 Soundbar

Remote Control

Our ergonomic style remote control has Bass and Treble independent adjustments for a truly custom sound. Fine tune to your preferred sound for action packed movie effects or enjoy the rich music tones.

Studio UDH2 Soundbar

Designed in the UK

Designed in the UK at the heart of the North East Technology Park by our experienced and established designers and R&D teams. We pride ourselves on the robust, stylish and ever increasingly popular products we release to our customers worldwide.


Sound quality is fantastic and a massive difference in sound compared to the speakers in my tv (the bass is great,try movie mode) [sic]

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  • Speaker Dimensions | 821 x 76 x 94mm
  • Weight | 2Kg
  • Power | 180W (60W RMS)


  • BT Wireless Audio
  • HDMI Arc
  • Optical In
  • Aux in
  • 2.1Ch Stereo Speakers
  • 4 DSP Modes
  • Remote Control
  • Wall Mounts
  • Azatom DSP and DAC Technology


  • BT Wireless Audio
  • HDMI Arc
  • TOS Link Optical Cable
  • RCA L&R Audio Cable
  • Aux Line in

What's in the box

User Manual

Warranty Card

Power Cable

Remote Control

Wall Mounts

Optical Cable

Studio UHD2 Soundbar

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Use the RCA Stereo Audio Cable to connect the TV’s stereo RCA(L/R). Audio output socket to the AUX(L/R) Sockets of the unit.

Then press the AUX button on the remote control or press the SOURCE button on the unit to choose the AUX function.

Turn on your television set to use the STUDIO UHD2.
Plug one end of a 3.5mm audio input cable (included) into the Line in on the unit. Before use, disconnect any cables connected to the Stereo RCA Inputs.

Plug the other end of the cable into the audio output/headphone output on an MP3 player or other audio source.

Press the POWER button on side panel or POWER button directly on the remote control to switch on the unit.

One touch the SOURCE button repeatedly or directly press LINE in button on remote control to enter LINE in mode. The mode indicator will turn green.

Audio played through the connected device will now be heard through the speakers.
You will need: An audio source with an optical audio output and a digital optical audio cable - INCLUDED

Connect the Digital Optical Audio cable to the optical output on the audio source and to the Optical Input on the speaker bar.

Press the POWER/SOURCE button on side panel or POWER button directly on the remote control to switch on the unit.

Press the OPTICAL button on the remote control to switch to Optical mode or one touch POWER/SOURCE button on main unit repeatedly to select the Optical mode. The mode indicator LED will turn Yellow.

Using the native controls on your connected device, make sure the audio settings are set to PCM or Optical Audio and are turned on.

Audio from the connected audio source will now be played through the speakers.

Using the native controls on your connected device, make sure the audio settings are set to PCM or optical audio and are turned on.

Connect the HDMI cable (not supplied) to the HDMI ARC connector on the back of the unit to the HDMI (ARC) connector on the TV.

NOTE: In the HDMI ARC mode, if your speakers have no audio output and the indicator light is flashing quickly, use your source device (such as a TV, CD player, or cable/satellite receiver).

The audio output mode is set to PCM, or turn off the sound source output.

User Manual IconDownload User Manual - Need more help? Simply download the user manual for more detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, the Studio UHD2 Soundbar comes with a Azatom Pro-Grade Optical Cable.
Yes, Simply connect your device to the Studio UHD2 Soundbar and make sure it's in BT Wireless Audio mode to play music directly from your BT Wireless Audio connected device.
Yes, The Studio UHD2 Soundbar is lightweight which allows it to be wall mounted without the need for additional brackets or frames. Simply match the attached bracket holes on the rear of the UHD2 to the ones you've drilled into your wall / cabinet / etc. and hang it makging sure its firmly attached.
180W can be incredibly loud and with a combintation of 2.1CH Drivers, AZATOM DSP & DAC Chips - You'll not be dissapointed.